Set of Ten Commercial Grade LED Televisions + Remotes + Business Logo Branding!

Customised packages of commercial-grade displays to the Education and Government (Prison TV), Hospitality, Digital Signage and Broadcasting industries.

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Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions800 × 700 × 650 mm


Our commercial grade TVs and monitors perform 24/7 with reliable quality.

We have 100 models to choose from, and if we don’t have what you need, we will work with you until we do.


All the Features of the big brands, except the price!

  1. Indoor LED TV display, include Hostility, Prison, Marine and Caravan TV
  2. Sunlight readable high bright displays
  3. Digital Signage
  4. Passenger Information Displays (PID)
  5. Indoor and Outdoor touchscreen displays
  6. Portable AD Displays
  7. Medical Displays


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