Idea choices for your Boat, Caravan, Truck, and even for your rental home.

One year warranty

Extra Vertical Antenna for 720° reception, receive VHF/UHF and FM signal from every point regardless of the direction you are traveling.

  • OMNI Antenna picks up TV Signals up to 50 miles (80km)
  • Pick up Vertical and Horizontal Signal
  • Receiving Range: FM 87-108MHz, VHF 174-230MHz, UHF 470-862MHz
  • Build-in High Gain and Low Noise Pre-Amplifier
  • Gain Adjuster Set for best reception turning
  • Impedance: 75Ω
  • Noise Figure: <3dB
  • Easy to install
  • Colour: White

What is ASA and why do we need ASA?

Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA), is the Plastic which improved weather resistance and is widely uséd in the Boat Antenna, ASA plastic lasts much longer than ABS plastic.

ASA has high outdoor weatherability; it retains gloss, colour, and mechanical properties in outdoor exposure. It has good chemical and heat resistance, high gloss, good antistatic properties, and is tough and rigid. It is uséd in applications requiring weatherability, e.g. outside parts of vehicles, or boat antenna.

Why do we need 38CM ANTENNA?

The bigger your antenna is, the higher its gain will be, and thus the greater the distance it will cover.

Additional information

Weight2.00 kg
Dimensions387 × 150 × 390 mm


All the Features of the big brands, except the price!

  • Idea choices for your Boat, Caravan, Truck, and even for your rental home.
  • Designed for Boat and Campervan / Caravan Antenna & rental Home.


Latest Tech specs built tough for Australian conditions.

  • Model No ETA380HV
  • Power 12V – 24V DC
  • Max output level 110dBuV
  • Antenna Gain 38dB
  • TV SET MAX 2
  • H/V Horizontal:Excellent Vertical:Excellent
  • VHF/UHF VHF:50% Improved / UHF:20% Improved
  • Material ASA
  • Waterproof housing, UV resistant YES
  • Designed For RV/Boat
  • Power Injector with Gain Control YES
  • 12v car cigarette charger YES
  • 12V DC cable YES
  • 5M RG6 Coaxial Cable (From Antenna to Power Injector) YES
  • 1.5M RG59 Coaxial Cable (From Power Injector to TV) YES
  • Instruction Manual YES
  • 240V AC/DC Adaptor NO (OPTIONAL)


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