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3 Minute Noodle & Pasta Maker Automatic Make and Cook – 240V By Joyoung!

Tired of the same old plain noodles and pasta? Try eggplant linguini or coconut and beetroot spaghetti, your creations are unlimited! This Amazing easy to use and very lightweight kitchen wonder makes perfect noodles and pasta every time. It’s fully automated, multifunctional, easy to use, strong and robust and a must-have for any food lover. 

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Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions50 × 60 × 40 mm


All the Features of the big brands, except the price!

Model # JYS-N6-AUNZ

  • Makes pasta or noodle in just 3 minutes
  • The specially designed cleaning tool
  • Automatic mixing, kneading & extruding
  • 4 unique default shaping discs
  • Smart drawer design
  • Adding different ingredients to personalize the flavor
  • Color(s): White
  • Finishing: LED Display
  • Cleaning tool: Yes
  • Measuring cup: 1 for flour, 1 for water
  • Shaping mouths: Yeson


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