Sansui 1.2m Ultra-Premium High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable V 1.4a

This Version 1.4 HDMI Cable is the latest generation for HDMI equipment including 3DTV, and its will work with any equipment with HDMI 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.


  • HDMI Ethernet Channel – Adds high-speed networking to the HDMI Cable, allows internet-enabled HDMI devices to share an internet connection via HDMU link, with no need to a separate Ethernet Cable.
  • Audio Return Channel – The new specification adds an audio channel that will reduce the number of cables required to deliver audio “upstream” from a TV to an A/V receiver for processing and playback.
  • 3D Over HDMI – The Specification defines common 3D formats and resolutions for HDMI enable devices, such as a 240HZ 3D TV on 3D Blu-Ray Player, enabling 3D gaming and other 3D video applications.
  • 4K x 2K (2160p) Video Support – Enables HDMI devices to support extremely High Definition resolution, effectively four times the resolution of a 1080P device. Support for 4K allows the HDMI interface to transmit digital content at the same resolution as the state-of-the-art Digital Cinema Systems used in many movie theaters.
  • Additional Color Spaces – Supports colour spaces designed specifically for digital cameras, enabling more accurate colour rendering when viewing digital photos.

Additional information

Dimensions50 × 60 × 40 mm


Technical parameter:

  • Length: 1.2 meter HDMI Cable
  • 24K GOLD PLATED Connector for Superior Signal Transfer and Maximum Performance
  • Copper braid shielding, treble screened to provide complete immunity to environmental EMI and RFI
  • Full High Definition support up to 4K2K (4096x2160P, 4 x times higher than 1080p), also suitable for lower resolutions such as 480p, 480i and 720p
  • Date transfer speeds up to 340MHz & 10.2Gbps
  • Zero data loss – 100 % digital signal
  • Connection Type: 19Pin HDMI Male to HDMI Male Gold Plated Connectors
  • 3D Compatible
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel
  • Supports game consoles, Blu-ray players, DVD players & set top boxes
  • Tested and certificated by authorized test center.
  • Brand: Sansui


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