24 Volt and 12 Volt LED HD TV

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Englaon offers a State of the Art Range of 12 Volt TVs for Home or Travel! Our 240 Volt TVs are fully compatible with 12 Volt and 24 Volt DC power so you can take your TV in your Caravan, Motor Home, RV, Truck, Workshop or Boat no matter what power source you have. Our 12v and 24v compatible TVs are built tough for travel with vibration reduction technology, stronger casing and a range of technical and technological upgrades. Our Waterproof 12v TVs are perfect for your Bathroom, Kitchen, Outdoors, around the Pool or Spa, Man Cave and more. With 212v, 24v and 240v compatibility your choices are limitless  Just plug into your outlet and you’re ready to go so you can catch up on your favourite news, shows and series in any conditions, anywhere anytime!