Is the power plug pulled out? Insert the power plug. Press the power button of the remote control. For 12V use, check battery charge.

This problem occurs for a brief time in the process of image elimination processing to hide temporary screen noise that occurs when the power is turned on. But if the screen does not come after 1-minute contact our service support team.

Perform brightness adjustment or Contrast adjustment.

Adjust the screen size.

Stop using wireless telephones, hair driers and electronic drills.

Press the PAUSE button. Check if the Pause button is pressed on external equipment.

  1. Press the MUTE button.
  2. Increase the sound level by pressing volume adjustment button.
  3. Check if the sound terminal of external input is connected properly.
  4. Check if audio cables are connected properly.
  5. Select and check the other input.

If the sound still does not work and the other channels are the same after you have done the above, contact our service support team.

  1. Check if the main power is ON.
  2. Check that the batteries of the remote controller were loaded properly.
  3. Check to see if any obstacle exists between the TV and the remote control, then remove it, if any.
  4. If the batteries have no power, replace them with two new batteries.
  1. Press the SOURCE button and select DVD and press OK
  2. Insert a DVD disc with the label FACING FORWARD
  3. Check if the DVD is a 12 cm in diameter
  1. Check the connected cable, see if you plug in AV-in.
  2. Check the connect cable, do the correct color match.
  3. If your TV comes with a mini-AV cable, connect your external player to the mini-AV cable and plug the mini-AV cable in “mini AV in”.
  1. Check if you connect the antenna correctly.
  2. Check if your antenna works fine, you can use another TV to check this.
  3. Test your TV by using another antenna.

Keep your user manual and read the instructions. Most of the time you can find an answer to your question.

If your problem is not solved or it is not listed above, please turn off the power and contact our service support team.